1. Deploy Django applications with Fabric

    Sat 30 November 2013
    By Tianyi

    There are three main steps to get your web applications out there for the public to consume:

    Start --> Develop --> Deploy

    And each step contains many tasks. In my previous blog post, I wrote about how I use Fabric to bootstrap Django projects, so that's step one solved; Step two ...

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  2. Why use ternary operator in Python

    Sat 14 September 2013
    By Tianyi

    I used to write something like:

        # a, b and c are variables
        x = a and b or c

    It's quite simple, what I want is if a is a trueish value like True, != 0 or not an empty string, x will become b, otherwise it will become c.

    But ...

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  3. Django project folder layout structure

    Sun 24 February 2013
    By Tianyi

    I have failed to find much mention about project folder layout structure in Django's documentation. From the tutorial on the official Django site, it points out that a project should have the following structure:

        |-- manage.py
        |-- myproject
        |   |-- __init__.py
        |   |-- settings.py
        |   |-- urls.py
        |   `-- wsgi.py
        `-- app_one
        |   |-- __init__.py ...
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